Keyworth Medical Practice

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I book appointments online

A. Please contact the reception for a user name and password. A  form of identification will be required.


Q.  Why can’t I book a nurse or blood test appointment using the online system.

A.  The receptionist needs to allocate differentent  appointment durations depending on the type of test or treatment that is needed.


Q. Why is there a queue at reception

A. If you are checking in for an appointment, please use our designated check in screens. We like to make sure each patient has the time that they need with the receptionist and in a confidential manner. By having 2 receptionists in the same area this would mean that the confidentiality would be lost.


Q. Do I have to take my prescription to a pharmacy?

A. You can send someone to collect a prescription on you behalf if they know some of your personal details. A pharmacy of your choice may also collect for you, please speak to your local pharmacy to arrange this service.