Health Visitors

Walk in clinic Mon 2.00pm – 4.00pm

There is a new Busy Babies

The health visitor can be contacted on 0115 8837000 to make an appointment for a private consultation on a variety of issues, for example toileting, Sleep management, behaviour management, immunisations, health promotion, post – natal depression, feeding advice, weaning etc.

Stephanie Waterhouse and Jane Dingley do antenatal classes on Wednesday afternoons.

The health visitors can be phoned on weekdays for advice on (0115) 8837000 If they are unavailable a message will be taken (until 4-30pm) and they will phone back when they return to the office.

On Wednesday mornings there is a post-natal group for new mothers and their babies.  Invitations are sent to all new mothers by the health visitor inviting them to attend a 5-7 week post-natal group.  Subjects include, play, weaning, sleep management, safety, baby massage, minor ailments in babies etc.