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The area served by Keyworth  Medical Practice  is in the district Rushcliffe Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) , which is responsible for ensuring you receive all the services you need.

The CCG also produces Your Guide to Local Health Services.

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Rushcliffe CCG is a Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) within the NHS. It brings together a powerful coalition of 12 local general practices, community health professionals (including nurses and therapists), and the local registered population (122,000 patients), to plan and fund local health services.

Commissioning is the process of assessing health needs, identifying the services required to meet those needs and then buying those services from a wide range of healthcare providers, which can include hospitals, pharmacies and voluntary organisations.

Clinical Commissioning offers front-line clinicians, such as doctors and community nurses, the opportunity to play major role in the development and delivery of strategies and activities that improved local health and well-being.

As from 31 March 2013 Primary Care Trusts ceased to exist.

Click here for further information on the health and social care act 2011

NHS Rushcliffe Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is responsible for commissioning hospital, community and mental health services for the local population of Rushcliffe, following the close down of the primary care trust in March 2013. The CCG works closely with the district and county council and other agencies to develop and deliver strategies that improve the local health and wellbeing.

NHS Rushcliffe CCG is a membership organisation of 12 GP practices in the area and is supported by a small management team. The Governing Body, which leads the organisation, includes GPs, a hospital consultant, a nurse and lay members. Governing Body meetings are held in public. Details can be found here or by calling 0115 8837880.

NHS Rushcliffe CCG has been authorised by the NHS Commissioning Board. This follows a rigorous and robust assessment, where the CCG demonstrated that it was able to commission safely, manage its finances, improve quality and reduce inequality.

Working collaboratively with other CCGs

Rushcliffe CCG works with Mansfield and Ashfield CCG, Newark and Sherwood CCG, Nottingham West CCG, Nottingham City CCG and Nottingham North and East CCG to commission healthcare services.

Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) Authorisation

Rushcliffe CCG is in the second wave of the Department of Health’s authorisation process to become a statutory NHS organisation in March 2013.

The process of authorisation will ensure that emerging CCG’s will be able to show that they can commission services effectively and that they have met a series of benchmarks which prove they are able to assume their responsibilities for managing health care budgets for their local communities.

In order to become established each emerging CCG is required to go through an authorisation process. This is to assure the NHS Commissioning Board that CCGs are able to:

Commission safely
Discharge responsibly their stewardship of NHS budgets
Exercise their functions in relation to improving quality, reducing inequalities and being efficient
And hence deliver better outcomes within their resources.
As part of this there is a process whereby CCGs need to submit an application and a range of supporting documents to demonstrate how they meet the required standards (domains) set by the NHS Commissioning Board.