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Care and Support

Eileen is our practice carers champion. If you have any questions or would like more information about being a carer, please go to reception and ask to speak to Eileen.

Needs assessment

If you find it difficult to look after yourself and have care and support needs you may be able to get help from your local authority. In order to receive help you need to have a needs assessment. For more information on a needs assessment please visit the NHS webpage, Assessing your care and support needs.

Carer’s assessment

If you care for and support a friend or relative, you may be able to access support from your local council. More information on the kinds of support available and how to apply for a carer’s assessment please visit the NHS webpage, Carer’s assessment.

Support from us

Local authorities have a duty to offer needs and carer’s assessment if they feel you need additional care or support. If you feel you have additional needs that are not being supported please speak to a member of staff who will endeavour to help you access the relevant assessment for your situation.

For more information and support please visit;