To get support from us the person you care for must live within Nottinghamshire, except the City of Nottingham. (If the cared for person lives within the City of Nottingham see their website1 for details of support available.)

Some support we provide requires an assessment of needs. This is where we look at your needs, or those of the person you are caring for, and see what support is needed.

Carer’s assessment 

If you care for someone you have a right to ask for a carer’s assessment. The assessment will look at the impact that caring has on you and the support that you may need.

Caring may have an affect on you, for example your health, work, social life, finance, education, family and personal life. It is important that you know what help is available to help you balance you caring life with a ‘life of your own’.

The assessment is about you, not the person you care for. You can have a carer assessment whether or not the person you care for has had a community care assessment3.


How do I get a carer’s assessment?

To ask for a carer’s assessment:


Someone else, such as a social care or healthcare worker (for example doctor, mental health professional, social worker, care coordinator) can ask for a carers’ assessment on your behalf.

When you contact us you will need to give some basic information about you and the person that you care for, such as name, address and date of birth.

You can choose to have an assessment in private or with the person that you care for present. It can be done at your home or in any other suitable place.

You are welcome to have a friend or relative with you to help you explain your needs.


How long will I have to wait for an assessment?

We see people as quickly as possible, depending on how urgent their situation is.


Will I need to pay for services?

There is no charge for support provided as a result of a carer’s assessment.

Support provided to the person that you care for following a community care assessment depends on their financial situation. There is more information about this on our paying for your support page.5

Community care assessment 

Most carers breaks can be accessed by the person you care for having a community care assessment. This allows them to get support such as going out during the day or having trips away which gives their main carer a break. For more information see the assessing your needs page.6

Carer Champion
We have a carer Champion at Keyworth Medical Practice. If you care for somebody and would like more information on support and services available to you, please let a member of our reception team know. We can pass on your details and ask our Carer Champion to contact you.