How to register

We have an open list and welcome requests for registration from patients living in or moving to the practice area.

You can register by bringing along your NHS medical card and  photo proof of identity that includes your current address. If you register with us we think this a good opportunity to discuss your health and get to know your medical problems and requirements if there are any. We are not only interested in what you know you have wrong but what you have wrong but do not know about. As your registered doctor the Department of Health ( that governs the NHS) expects us to provide this service because ‘health maintenance’ is important for all of us. The receptionist will make you an appointment for a new patient health check with one of our health care assistants at which we ask you a few questions about lifestyle factors directly related to health (such as smoking) and then we check your weight, blood pressure and urine.  We feel we cannot doctor you properly (which is what you are asking us to do when you register) without this information and these tests and we would be very surprised if you disagreed. Please be prepared to arrange an appointment for this check if you are considering registering. You do NOT need a health check if you have already had one from your previous doctor in the last 12 months.You will be given an information pack and a patient registration form  called ‘GMS1’. Please fill in this form and bring it along to reception 10 minutes before you health check appointment and the receptionist will register you as a permanent patient.

Temporary registration

If you are going to resident for less than three months you will need to register as a temporary resident if you need to use any of our services.

Out of area registraton

From January 2015 all GP practices are free to register new patients who live outside their practice area without any obligation on the practice to provide home visits for such patients when the patient is at home, away from, and unable to attend, their registered practice.

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