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Principia Partners in Health

  1. Principia Partners in Health

Patient population: 126,000

Principia is constituted as a Community Interest Company and has three stakeholders classes: Rushcliffe GP practices; Rushcliffe community services providers; and the 126 000 registered population of Rushcliffe. GP practices in Rushcliffe have come together and are establishing a new and unique primary care partnership and organisation, which will lead on and indeed own the transformation of general practice and develop the progressive model which will be the base component and platform of the MCP. Principia and Partners Health will also be joined by health and social care partners who have committed their enthusiastic support as part of our local South Nottinghamshire transformation work. NHS Rushcliffe CCG is the sponsor, and the programme has the support of the patient and voluntary sector groups, which represent the local population.

The proposal is to establish an MCP defined by a culture of mutual accountability, commitment and pride. This will accept contractual responsibility for the health, and the quality and costs of care for the local population within the capitated resource allocated. This will be achieved through a new model of integrated care which is focussed on early intervention, living well at home and avoiding unnecessary use of the hospital. The impact will be a reduction in fragmentation, delays, duplication and inefficiencies experienced by patients and carers. Care will be delivered closer to patients’ homes resulting in an enhanced experience and improved clinical outcomes, and better use of available resources. The MCP will move to have a capitated outcomes based contract which will cover health and social care.

So patients, for example an elderly married couple who live in a small rural village outside of West Bridgford and have done so since they retired, will benefit when the new accountable care organisation is in place. The couple, who both have multiple long term conditions, can expect to have a proactive care plan in place which is discussed with their local health and care team on a regular basis. This conversation will build confidence and capability for the married couple to make good decisions about what they do to keep themselves fit and well and also when they need to escalate the level of support they need irrespective of the time of the day or week. When they do, a provider will be able to respond to all their care needs, and in which all the participants are working with a common goal: maximising outcomes as efficiently as possible.

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