Keyworth Medical Practice

0115 937 3527


How do I book an appointment?

Consultations are by appointment, except for emergencies, from Monday to Friday between 8.30am – 11.00am  and  4.00pm –  6.10 pm. Please call 0115 937 3527 or book online (please speak to reception if you are not already signed up for online services, ID will be required).

Appointments may be made at any time between 8.00am and 6.30pm. If you cannot keep an appointment please cancel it so it can be given to another patient. You may ask to see any doctor you choose, but if he/she is fully booked, you will be given the opportunity to see another doctor.

The doctors are also available for telephone advice for things that might save you having to make an appointment. The reception staff may ask for a contact number and details of what the call is regarding, this is to assist the doctor deciding on a course of action.

Routine appointments

When you ring the surgery  for an appointment the  receptionist  will offer you the next available one.

48 hour appointments

If you require an appointment  sooner than the routine ones offered, the  receptionist will explain how to access the 48 hour appointments.

Urgent telephone triage

The telephone triage list is for urgent medical problems which must be dealt with that day. If you need to be added to our telephone triage list, s/he will take your details and ask for a brief description of the problem. Our on call doctor will then review your notes and take the most appropriate action.

If you are experiencing an medical emergency, for example chest pain and you suspect a heart attack, please dial 999.

“Urgent” consultations  are just that, so please do not expect to have non urgent matters dealt with. 

Home visits

If you need a consultation but are too ill to come to surgery, a doctor may visit you at home. When urgent medical help is required this will be the doctor on call, but in less urgent cases you may request your own particular doctor, please note we cannot guarantee which doctor will come out.

Patients are expected to attend the surgery if they are able to travel, with the necessity for a home visit being at the discretion of the doctor. If there is doubt your doctor may ring you to discuss the problem before deciding the most suitable place for the consultation to take place.


Chaperones are available to doctors and patients. If you would like a chaperone to be present during a consultation, please request one at the time of booking the appointment or when you arrive.