Consultations are by appointment, except for emergencies, from Monday to Friday between 8.30am – 11.00am  and  4.00pm –  6.10 pm. There are also doctor, nurse and blood test appointments available between 7 – 8am in accordance with our extended hours initiative.

Call 0115 937 3527 or book online (you will need a username and password from reception to book appointments online. Please bring a form of ID when requesting a username and password).

Appointments may be made at any time between 8.00am and 6.30pm, but it is best to avoid telephoning in the busiest time between 8.00am and 10.00am. If you cannot keep an appointment please cancel it so it can be given to another patient. You may ask to see any doctor you choose, but if he/she is fully booked, you will be given the opportunity to see another doctor.

The doctors are also available for telephone advice for things that might save you having to make an appointment. If you wish to do this it is best to ring reception before 11am and explain what it is you need so your doctor can decide if phoning you is the best way of dealing with the problem. Please leave a number where you can be contacted and you will be rung back the same day. If you make the request after 11am you will be rung in the next 24 hours. Please give the reception staff an idea of what it is about if at all possible. This is so that if a doctor decides on a course of action without phoning back this can be done. In such a case a member of staff will phone you back with the information.

Why do appointments sometimes run late

How our appointment system works

A step-by-step guide to our appointment system. We have various type of appointments  available to suit different patient needs.

GREEN  Routine appointment

When you ring the surgery  for an appointment the  receptionist  will offer you the next available one.  If the next available one is not soon enough for your medical need the receptionist will explain how the Amber  appointments work.  About 80% of patients require a  routine appointment.

AMBER Within 48 hrs.

If you require an appointment  sooner than the routine ones offered, the  receptionist will explain how the 48 hr access appointments work.  Each doctor provides 4-5 extra  appointments each day that are made available from 8am, 2 days before. You may be given one immediately if there is one available, if not, you will be asked to call back the next day at 8am to access the next days  48 hr appointments. If  a 48hr appointment is not suitable, according to you medical need, please let the receptionist know it is urgent  for the same day. You will be offered a Red appointment.

RED Urgent need an appointment the same day

We operate a ‘Dr First’ telephone triage system.

If you have an urgent problem that can not wait for a routine appointment or a 48hr appointment we can see you the same day.

Please telephone the surgery if you need an urgent appointment. So the receptionist can add you to our telephone triage list, she will take your details and ask if you mind giving a brief description of the problem. Our on call doctor will then call you and offer a same day appointment with a doctor or nurse if you need to be seen. You will be seen either by a doctor or nurse, but the receptionist will not be able to tell you  who this will be.

Everyone gets seen according to their medical needs. So if you think you need to be seen more quickly than the appointment you are given you must tell us.  Please try to telephone the surgery before 10am for urgent medical care,  this helps us to manage our day more effectively.

If you are experiencing an emergency e.g Chest Pain and the main phone line is busy, you can call our emergency line on 0115 937 6051. This number is for emergencies only.


Chaperones are available to doctors and patients (except 7am to 8am surgeries). If you would like a chaperone to be present during a consultation, please request one at the time of the appointment if possible, otherwise when you arrive, there could be a short delay while one is organised. If a male doctor needs to undertake a clinical examination of a female patient he would normally ask you if you wished a chaperone to be present or minded a chaperone being summoned. A female doctor might arrange for a male chaperone to be present for some consultations with male patients.

System Online- booking appointments on line

We have recently introduced a scheme whereby you can make an appointment with a doctor online. You will need a username and password, you can apply at reception for this. Please note you will need to provide a form of ID to collect to request a username and password.

Consulting hours for nurses

Appointments are available from 8.30am to 13.00pm  and 14.00 till 18.00 most days. There are some early morning appointments from 7 am on a Thursday, and till later 18.30pm on a Monday and Wednesday. Nurses are able to deal with a large number of problems and patients should only make an appointment with a doctor if it cannot be dealt with by a nurse.

Health Care Assistants (HCA’s)

Our Healthcare Assistants are also available for Phlebotomy each morning, blood test appointment are available between 08.30am -13.00pm. We also have some early morning blood test appointments on some Thursdays from 7 am. HCA’s are also trained to deal with other things such as Ear syringing, changing dressings, and taking blood pressure readings. They are in clinic each afternoon to do these and have appointments between 14.00pm-17.00pm most days.

Home visits

If you need a consultation but are too ill to come to surgery, a doctor will visit you at home. In emergencies this will be the doctor on call, but in less urgent cases you may request your own particular doctor.  Please note the receptionist can request a particular doctor but cannot guarantee this will be the doctor to call out. House calls are made for cases where there is medical need. Patients are expected to visit the Keyworth Medical Practice for consultations if they are able to travel. The necessity for a home visit is at the discretion of the doctor and when there is doubt your doctor may ring you to discuss the problem before deciding  the most appropriate place for the consultation to take place. Non urgent visiting usually takes place between 11.30am and 2.30pm but times may vary slightly.

Medical examinations nowadays are more technical and often require a properly designed and equipped environment to take place in. Doctors are expected to put themselves in the best position to do a proper examination of the patient. This is another reason for rejecting a home visit request. It is for your benefit in the long run!

It helps us greatly with the organising of home visits if requests for visits are made as early as possible, certainly before 10.00 am. Non-urgent visits requested after this time may be rearranged for the next normal working day.

“Urgent” consultations have to be brief, dealing only with the urgent matter, so please do not expect to have non urgent matters dealt with. 

Out of hours arrangements

Between the hours of 6.30pm and 8.00am, outside our normal surgery hours, please call 111. The normal surgery number is 0115 937 3527 which has a recorded message asking you to dial 111 . If your problem needs to be dealt with by a doctor you will be looked after by Nottingham Emergency Medical Services (NEMS).

The NHS 111 service is staffed by a team of fully trained advisers, supported by experienced nurses. They will ask you questions to assess your symptoms, then give you the healthcare advice you need or direct you straightaway to the local service that can help you best. That could be A&E, an out-of-hours doctor, an urgent care centre or a walk-in centre, a community nurse, an emergency dentist or a late-opening chemist.

Where possible, the NHS 111 team will book you an appointment or transfer you directly to the people you need to speak to.

If NHS 111 advisers think you need an ambulance, they will immediately arrange for one to be sent to you.

Calls to 111 are recorded. All calls and the records created are maintained securely, and will only be shared with others directly involved with your care.

NEMS operates from a Primary Care Centre base

EMS Patient Care Centre

Platform One Practice

Station Street


NG2 3A

  It is a specially designed consultation suite and administrative centre with a fleet of cars, an ambulance, nurses and doctors.  This so that patients who are able to travel can come or be brought to the centre where there are full facilities for medical examination. Doctors are able to make home visits on patients who need to be seen by a GP out of normal hours. (Other centres are sometimes used in addition)

Please note that all phone calls to NEMS are voice recorded.

Whenever you are given advice by NEMS or a doctor sees you, the details are transferred electronically to the Keyworth Medical Practice so that we are fully aware the following morning.