Repeat prescriptions

If you are prescribed regular medicines, your doctor may sanction a repeat facility. This enables you to obtain further prescriptions by handing the prescription counterfoil in at our reception,  by posting it to us, telephoning 0115 937 1534 between 2.00 pm and 4.00 pm. Our preferred option is by using systmonline electronically through our website, please see the receptionist for a user name and password (ID required) Requests can be posted in the outside mailbox, or in the red box on the ground floor. Please read the counterfoil instructions if you are handing or posting it in.  Each item you require must be marked with a tick in the box next to the drug.  If nothing is marked we assume nothing is required. If you are on regular medication that is not listed on the counterfoil, you must discuss this with your doctor. A phone call may suffice.

You can also order your repeat prescriptions online (you will need a username and password from reception first).

Please allow at least TWO working days for the processing of your prescription request, after which, it can be collected from 3pm, or it will be posted back to you if you enclose a stamped, addressed envelope. You can also request to have your prescription collected by any Pharmacy of your choice,  but it will take THREE working days.

Repeat prescriptions can be ordered on line through our website using the secure SystmOnline facility. You first need to obtain a username and password from reception. You can also make appointments and change registration details such as your address or phone number using SystmOnline. An easy to follow instruction leaflet is available at reception.

Dispensing at Keyworth Medical Practice

If you live more than 1,600 metres from your nearest  Pharmacy The  Keyworth Medical Practice we may be able to dispense your  medication . All repeat prescriptions are recorded by computer and form an important record and check on your treatment. Your consumption of medications is checked regularly by the responsible doctor and inconsistencies Those patients living in the villages outside Keyworth can choose, when they register, to have their prescriptions dispensed at the Medical Practice. We can also dispense for any patient who is registered temporarily with us even if their address is in Keyworth. The practice  is open Monday to Friday 8:00am to 6:30pm   We can also dispense for any patient who is registered temporarily with us even if their address is in Keyworth.

Our dispensers are NVQ qualified and the practice participates in the PCT Dispensing Service Quality Scheme

Generic prescribing policy