Why doesn't my GP just refer me to a specialist?

The doctors at Keyworth, like all  other GPs, have very close links with local specialists. They are constantly meeting and corresponding with them.

The GPs are very aware of the sort of conditions specialists are able to diagnose and treat, and at what particular stage of an illness a specialist opinion is needed.

One of the main functions of GPs is to send patients who can benefit to specialists, and to avoid sending patients who will not benefit. As medical treatment advances hospitals and specialists are constantly reviewing the sorts of problems that need specialist care and those that don't, and we follow these principles closely.

We will always refer a patient to see a specialist if we think their health will be improved, but if we refer a patient to a specialist when we know he/she cannot improve that patient's health, or for something that can be done at the Medical Practice, we are likely to get a critical letter back from the specialist and our reputation as competent doctors is diminished!