Test results

There are two main reasons you cannot simply ring up for test results.  Firstly, all tests and results are confidential, so when you ring up there will not usually be a doctor or nurse to talk to you confidentially.  But if you do not mind a receptionist or clerk telling you the result then there is no problem, provided we are certain we are speaking to the individual concerned (If we ask seemingly unnecessary questions, it is to make sure we are actually talking to YOU and not somebody pretending to be you). 

Secondly, most results require interpretation, which can only be done by a doctor or nurse.  For instance, if you have a specimen of blood tested to see if your thyroid gland is working properly the result that comes back from the laboratory does not say "normal" or "abnormal", it will say "T4 = 14.9, TSH 3.4" or something like that. If this result is understandable to you you can have it, but usually you need a doctor or nurse to explain what it means. That is why when you get a test done you will often have to come back for the result or have one of our doctors or nurses ring you about it.  

It is usually much more practical for us to check the result for you and simply let you know if there is something that needs acting on.  We do hundreds of separate tests every day and we simply do not have the resources to let everybody know the details of every test. 

If you think you need to know the result of a test, ring us and book a telephone consultation with a doctor or nurse. This gives us time to get your records and interpret the result of the test.