Travel advice including immunisations and malaria prevention

We are able to give travel health advice and provide the necessary vaccines and medications. Every traveller has individual needs according to where is to be visited. To make the process as efficient as possible wake take as much detail as possible when you first enquire. This gives our nursing staff time to work out your requirements by the time you are seen.

Modern travel to other countries can be a major health risk. Countries differ in the diseases you might catch and the type of holiday, hotel or backpacking can make a difference too. Even different parts of the same country can have different risks, as can the season you travel in.

We offer all travellers who are registered with us, up to date advice on immunisations and malaria and other precautions advised according to their destination. We follow the advice of the World Health Organisation and other authoritative bodies when we advise you.

Because a course of injections may need to be spread over several weeks it is most important that you see us at least 6 to 8 weeks before your departure.

Anti malaria tablets are not allowed on NHS prescriptions and need to be purchased from a chemist or from the Keyworth Medical Practice if you are on our dispensing list.

The website we recommend is

page of links including sites giving immunisation requirements